Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Major restaurant chain with 626 restaurants, headquartered in Eagan MN, files bankruptcy

Story found online here:

The company that owns Country Buffet, Ryan's and Tahoe Joe's brands filed for bankruptcy Tuesday.......Buffets Holdings Inc., which is based in Eagan, Minn., is one of the largest casual dining restaurant chains in the country. The company cited weak consumer spending for its financial troubles.

More in depth coverage can be found here:

The interesting thing to me personally, is that Buffet Holdings came to my company just a couple of years ago during a recent trade show with ambitious goals for a new franchise expansion, they would require ventilation / filtration systems to accommodate smokers and non-smokers at these new establishments.......fortunately the pharmaceutical funded smoking ban activists have eliminated that capital expense necessity for them.......what a relief.

Update: List of 400+ local MN bars and restaurants closed since smoking bans enacted, found here:


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