Saturday, December 01, 2007

Pro-smoking ban former governor and Republican candidate Mike Huckabee is more liberal than Clinton

At least when it comes to taxes and his anti-business policy-making.

Read more about his anti-conservative scorecard in this Arkansas newpaper editorial.

Update: Huckabee also appears to be very liberal when it comes to dealing with criminals.

How the Huckabee administration worked to free rapist Wayne Dumond.
By Murray S. Waas

“I signed the [parole] papers because the governor (Mike Huckabee) wanted Dumond paroled. I was thinking the governor was working for the best interests of the state.”—Ermer Pondexter, ex-member of the board of pardons and paroles

Suttlar noted that just prior to Huckabee’s appearance before the (parole) board the board had voted 4-1 against Dumond’s parole. After Huckabee’s board appearance, her colleagues largely reversed themselves, voting 4-1 for Dumond’s release.

Only six weeks after Dumond moved to Missouri, Carol Sue Shields, of Parkville, Mo., was found murdered in a friend’s home. She had been sexually assaulted and suffocated. In late June 2001, Missouri authorities charged Dumond with the first-degree murder of Shields. The Clay County, Mo., prosecutor’s office asserted that skin found under Shield’s fingernails, the result of an apparent struggle with her murderer, contained DNA that matched Dumond’s.

The mother of murder victim, Carol Sue Shields, said she will do everything she can to ensure that Mike Huckabee is not elected President......we at Clearing the Air echo that sentiment.

Update 2: Huckabee also helped parole another confessed killer, Glen Green.

If the governor didn't read the confession, he is guilty of dereliction of duty.___ But if he read the confession and still considers Green deserving of parole, he's certainly unfit to hold office. Who would free a madman who beat an 18-year-old woman with Chinese martial-arts sticks, raped her as she barely clung to life, ran over her with his car, then dumped her in the bayou, her hand reaching up, as if begging for mercy?

Mike Huckabee is unfit for the highest office, his surge in Iowa can only be attributed to voters' ignorance of the facts.

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