Friday, December 28, 2007

KSTP news ran a story suggesting that New York's smoking ban reduced smoking 11%......the truth however is just the opposite

It is very telling that the local media is no longer claiming that smoking bans are good for business, as they did before the bans were enacted.

With 141+ closed bars and restaurants since smoking bans took effect in the Twin Cities, the media and Nicoderm funded non-profits can no longer hide the truth. The media, MPAAT (ClearWay MN), the American Lung Association, American Cancer Society, Non-Smoker's Rights, Tobacco Free Kids, and other Nicoderm funded special interests lied to the public and lawmwkers when they claimed that smoking bans are good for business.

So KSTP's news story focused on a local watering hole called the Star Bar which informed viewers that they have so far lost 40% of their revenue since the 2 month old smoking ban took effect. KSTP couldn't of course leave it on that negative note however, so they made the outrageous claim that New York's smoking ban led to a decrease in smoking rates of 11%......that however is not a true statement. The truth is that New York's increased tobacco tax decreased sales of tobacco products in New York perhaps by 11%.......but the fact is that those New York smokers are now buying their tobacco products from tax exempt tribal casinos, online websites, and across state fact the smoking ban in Scotland has led to a 5% increase in tobacco sales and use.

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