Sunday, November 18, 2007

How smoking bans set a dangerous precedent which will lead to greater decay of the U.S. economy

Even if you ignore the obvious data that shows smoking bans are eliminating hospitality establishments and jobs at an alarming rate. Smoking ban legislation and the behind the scenes lobbying activity and organizations involved have set the stage to continue destroying the U.S. economy on an endless host of issues, thanks to the mindless actions of spineless lawmakers all around the country.

Example: Perhaps one day in the not too distant future Chinese manufacturing lobbyists (activities convoluted thru non-profit health organizations like the American Lung Association etc.) inform local U.S. politicians that there is no safe level of exposure to airborne hexavalent chromium, nickel, beryllium, cadmium, etc. in the workplace. Therefore continuing current air quality testing procedures to determine compliance with OSHA permissible exposure limits is no longer allowed........because the only safe level of exposure to welding smoke components is NO exposure. Feel good liberal politicians will of course agree to this since the majority of U.S. citizens are not employed in the welding trades and certainly don't want to be exposed to the exaggerated claim that a welding facility across town causes 38,000 premature deaths of U.S. residents due to the no safe level of exposure to welding smoke argument promulgated by the non-profit health organizations, universities, the AMA, Surgeon General etc. (all of whom, conicidentally, accepted funding grants from the Chinese Manufacturing Association). So now the only solution is to ban all welding facilities in the U.S. and ship those manufacturing jobs to China. New York Times Headline: Another health crisis averted.....millions of lives saved!

A far fetched scenario you say......don't count on it....the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the American Lung Association, American Cancer Society, American Non-smoker's Rights, etc . have already laid the groundwork to implement such policy changes; while complacent Americans only made the job easier for these rent seeking activists.....on this issue and the next.

Of course if we as Americans still believed we are the greatest nation on earth, and could solve any issue before us......this is manner in which we would resolve the secondhand smoke issue..... thru sound scientific measures and free market solutions:

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