Friday, July 06, 2007

Tobacco control activists force me into a new career.......Lord of War?

Whether readers have noticed it or not Clearing the Air has a new advertiser Impact Guns.

Truth be told we are not just an advertiser, but an affiliate; meaning that we earn a commission on any items ordered at Impact from our website link......similar to the manner in which I used to make a living before the smoking bans, ie. selling Smokeeter air cleaners to bars and restaurants.

I recall seeing Lord of War in the theater 2 years ago and joked with the little woman that since my job had been eliminated thanks to the local smoking bans, maybe I should become a weapons dealer like Yuri Orlov.....the money looked as good as selling Smokeeters back in the days of free market America.

I had forgotten all about that nefarious career decision until we moved out to the country. Country living on a ten acre heavily wooded rental home got me to thinking about personal security, so I started shopping for the perfect 2nd Amendment accessory...Impact seemed to have it all, and in a variety of price ranges. From the Desert Eagle .50 at $1,539.99 to the Hi-Point .380 at $109.99.

Doing some internet research I chose the .45 caliber based on information provided by law enforcement officials. I soon found that owning a handgun for protection is only a very minor justification. After joining a local sportsmen's club I've found that I thoroughly enjoy the sport of shooting.....though the cost of .45 caliber ammo makes it one of the more expensive rounds to target practice........but every hobby has it's price.

So I hope regular readers will forgive the seemingly incongruent relationship between my new found hobby and that of Clearing the Air's primary writings.......exposing the junk science of smoking bans.

Thank you tobacco control
, I think I'll enjoy this new career.

Now if you'll excuse me I have several hundred rounds of .45 caliber ammo to put down range.....

Also visit one of Front Sight’s links in the right column, what could be more fun than firing a fully automatic Uzi in the desert at their facility outside Las Vegas?

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