Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The same lobbyists which pushed local governments toward smoking bans are now pushing the federal government to impose a $10 tax per cigar

The very same Robert Wood Johnson Foundation / Johnson & Johnson Company (Nicoderm, Nicorette manufacturer) interests which funded local smoking ban efforts are now (rent) seeking efforts to get anti-business members in the U.S. Senate and House to impose a $10 per cigar tax.

I hope everybody out there (are you listening Rush Limbaugh?) knows what to do.

What the lobbyists fail to recognize is that those of us who enjoy a good cigar will do is to simply purchase our product from cigar makers who set up headquarters outside the U.S.

By the way my brand is the Partagas Black, and I have no problem purchasing from a wholesaler who sets up shop off the shores of the U.S.

The anti-business smoking ban and tobacco tax pharmacuetical nicotine interests have pushed far too many people into the unemployment lines.........it's time to push back.

Update: Here is Rush's take on the whole issue.......also mentioned in this article is Bush's vow to veto this 20,000% increased cigar tax legislation. It's nice to have a guy in the White House who remembers what free market means.

God help us if the Democrats get back into office. Not only would we be surrendering to Islamic terrorists under a Democrat regime, but Democratic socialist legislation would make China look like the free world.

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