Friday, May 04, 2007

Do smoking bans convince smokers to quit the habit, while also increasing the revenue in bars and restaurants?

For the answer to those questions, a coffee shop owner, Diana Reid, conducts her own survey of her former customers:

Reports are coming in from all over that there is still the same amount of smokers, in some places even more. So I asked my customers at the coffee shop what was happening among them, and here are their answers.

1) They can't smoke when they go out so they stay home and with all the money they are saving they can easily afford the price.

2) They are home more, and their partner is pleased, and lets them smoke in the house now.

3) With the money they are saving not eating out their partner has taken up smoking again.

4) Tell me I can't do something and I rebel. I like to smoke and I will no matter what.

5) My neighbour has taken up smoking again because his wife dosen't go to bingo now.

6) I didn't know my neighbour smoked till the ban, now we get together for a drink.

7) Out for a walk having a smoke I met an old school friend, now we smoke at his house.

8) My husband and I were hiding our smoking from each other, what a laugh.

9) All we've lost is the going out, so we invite people in. We still smoke, maybe heavier now.

10) Well, back to the bar in the basement routine. Lots of ash trays there. And many more.

So for the moment smoking has gone underground, but as one customer said 'It's a slap in the face for public health and the government'. -Diana

Diana owned a coffee shop in Canada which was closed down due to the smoking bans.

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