Sunday, March 18, 2007

Smoking ban activists have advocated for and taught a new form of deadly hatred.....they couldn't be more proud....I'm sure

March 16 [02:00 GMT] - New York: smoker killed for lighting a cigarette - Eight days have elapsed. We have waited to publish this to see if it is would reported by any medium other than the NY Post. Nothing happened. He was just a smoker, after all – and no matter if he was just 23 with a life in front of him: he would have died “prematurely”, anyway. He was in a night club, having a good time with his friends. He provoked no one. He just lit up a cigarette. That was provocation enough.

He did not see it coming – death, that is, in the form of a pool cue that smashed his skull. The cue was held by a bouncer – a bouncer who had learned to hate smoking and smokers - to the point of killing. A bouncer who had been instigated by criminal health authorities who keep on lying about passive smoke, and by irresponsible media who parrot those lies - relentlessly. So a young man died, the life support machine unplugged after he was declared brain dead at the hospital. No matter, he was a small loss anyway: he was just a smoker.

Thanks to Forces International for bringing our attention to this story.

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