Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dr. Siegel discusses the serious conflict of interest in allowing pharmaceutical nicotine interests to fund smoking cessation policy & research

It is a welcome new addition to have someone like Dr. Siegel openly condemn the big business scam of allowing the pharmaceutical nicotine industry to fund policy and research of tobacco control advocates.

When I wrote yesterday about the financial conflicts of interest inherent in the pharmaceutical industry connections of a number of panelists on the groups that developed the Public Health Service's clinical practice guideline on the treatment of tobacco use and dependence and the national smoking cessation action plan, I wasn't aware of just how deep those connections were.

Today, I reveal the extent of these financial ties with regards to the chair of these two panels and argue that it is unethical and irresponsible to have such an individual developing what is supposed to be independent, objective, and unbiased national guidelines... You can read Dr. Siegel's full article here.

Clearing the Air has condemned the $50 billion dollar Johnson & Johnson Company's political wing the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for being the primary funding source for policy and research which influences lawmakers into enacting unnecessary and arbitrary smoking ban laws. And Dr. Siegel's reputation and credibility is sure to draw more media attention to this scandalous least that is our hope.

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