Friday, November 10, 2006

Springfield IL hospitality businesses are losing money since implementation of their smoking ban

Champaign Urbana PUFF People United For Freedom Smoking Ban:


D.H. Browns'business down more than 50%
- The last time Brown's had a Monday as low as the first Monday of the
ban was 8 years ago during a snowstorm.

- Brown's will likely have to lay off their doormen on top of the lost
employment, this will increase the chances of underage drinkers
violating the law.

- Two (2) waitresses informed management that they will have to give
their notice and try to get a job in one of the neighboring communities
that permit smoking because they are no longer making any money.

Track Shack business down 42%
- For the first time, the owner had to draw money out of his personal
funds to pay Track Shack's bills.

American Legion Post # 32 business down more than 50%

Floyd's business down, but not substantially

JW's Lounge business down over 40%

Stadium business down 40%
- 10 people in bar, 43 in Beer Garden on Wednesday night, numbers
similar on the other nights.

Cheers' business down more than 50%
- $400 to $500 previous average daily sales haven't had one night over
$200 since the ban went into effect.

Bernie & Betty's business down 40%

Knuckleheads'business down 40%

Mac's Lounge business down more than 25%
- Customers who were regulars prior to the ban have been calling Mac's
to tell them what a great time they were having at the Curve Inn in
Southern View where smoking is permitted.

Sammy's business down, but not substantially

VFW Northender business down, but percentage is unknown
- Waitress made a total of $14 in tips during her shift on Monday, and
$17 on Tuesday substantially lower than"

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