Sunday, September 24, 2006

Calling all lawyers......

I believe I have a case you may want to consider.

As I was perusing the internet recently, I came upon the story of a hospitality owner who is seeking damages from financial harm caused by the local smoking ban.

Frank Watkins sat alone at his bar one recent afternoon......."I never wanted to bring attention to myself or the bar," he said, taking a puff on a cigarette. "But sometimes you just have to stand up for what's right."........Nearly three years after the state banned just about all indoor smoking.....He has filed a lawsuit in federal court against the county, claiming the law that went into effect in July 2003 violated his civil rights by interfering with his ability to make a living. He is seeking $27.5 million in damages.

I too have had my civil rights violated by a law which interferes with my ability to make a living. 14th Amendment provisions:

declaring that no state shall 'deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law,' nor 'deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.'

Second, the ADEA provides a discrete and calibrated remedy for a narrowly defined range of governmental (and private) conduct. The ADEA applies only to employment. Congress has thus carefully confined its prohibition an area of vital concern and importance to the affected individuals- their ability to earn a living and thus to subsist.

I am not however, only interested in suing the local governments which enacted such unnecessary and flawed smoking ban ordinances........I demand recompense from the pharmaceutical interests (RWJF / Johnson & Johnson Company) who fund the lobbying efforts toward smoking bans and the non-profits who mislead lawmakers into passing such flawed and arbitrary laws to begin with.

What is my case you ask? How about air quality testing which discredits the "health hazard" claim by showing that secondhand smoke is up to 25,000 times SAFER than OSHA air quality regulations. This air quality data was provided to lawmakers during testimony.

I did give the Institute for Justice the first right of refusal on this case, but that notice period has expired........30% contingency fee is acceptable.

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