Saturday, September 16, 2006

California Lt Gov. Cruz Bustamante thinks the University of California school system's acceptance of $500,000 tobacco research money is wrong.....

.......however he neglects to mention on the other end of the spectrum pharmaceutical nicotine interests have also funded the University of California school system with mult-million dollar grants. In fact $3,582,992.00+ has been paid by Nicoderm interests at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to the University of California school system in just the first 2 pages of grants at this link alone:

Cruz issued a warning to University of California regents:

As you may know, a $500,000 UCLA study, funded by the tobacco industry, was released in 2003 questioning the risk of developing lung cancer from second-hand smoke. Although the findings of this study conflict with respected state and national studies that offer evidence of the strong correlation between second-hand smoke and lung cancer, its results already were used in the defeat of an anti-smoking ordinance in Missouri.

If Bustamante were being non-partisan (fair) he would also condemn the University of California school system for studies which claim secondhand smoke is light of the fact that they have all been funded by pharmaceutical nicotine interests at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation:

But looking at the above link and the multi-millions of dollars provided to the University of California school system by RWJF......the university school system there might not exist at all without the partisan pharmaceutical funding.....who cares if it funds lies?.....RWJF may be the only thing keeping higher education afloat in California.

Besides what Bustamante might not realize is that other factors served to defeat not only the proposed smoking ban in Missouri......but also the partisan funded research which conflicts with respected state and national studies coming out of the Nicoderm funded U of California school system as a whole.

One of those other factors comes from the American Cancer Society, whose air quality testing proves secondhand smoke is up to 25,000 times SAFER than OSHA air quality regulations for secondhand smoke. Nullifying the argument that secondhand smoke is a health hazard......and eliminating the justification for smoking bans altogether.

Sorry Cruz, the house of cards is beginning to crumble and no amount of letters by you or the other pharmaceutical funded activists will keep the inevitable free market forces from eventually being victorious.

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