Tuesday, September 12, 2006

American Cancer Society demands that the federal government fund cancer research......isn't that the job of the American Cancer Society?

Of course it is , but since the American Cancer Society is wasting all of its (and RWJF) resources on funding smoking ban efforts, even though secondhand smoke levels are 25,000 times SAFER than required (not a health hazard), ACS does not have the ability to fulfill its obligation to donors by funding cancer research, and fulfill its promise to the pharmaceutical nicotine interests at the same time....to fund smoking ban efforts. So ACS is demanding that the federal governemnt provide funding for cancer research.

From the ACS website comes this heading:

American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network urges Congress to provide sufficient funding increases....

It should be noted however that if the American Cancer Society weren't embroiled in funding arbitrary and unnecessary smoking ban legislation in city halls and county commissioner offices around the country, they themselves would have the resources to provide cancer research funding. It was reported that here in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN. in 2004 the American Cancer Society spent $600,000.00 to get both municipalities to pass smoking ban ordinances.

Other spending by the American Cancer Society to push for smoking bans:







So now they (ACS) want the federal taxpayer to pick up their responsibility, well I'm curious how they spent the first $99 million that the pharmaceutical interests at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation gave them?

The federal government cannot continue to balloon their budget simply because the ACS wants to fund unnecessary pet (smoking ban) projects.

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