Friday, August 04, 2006

St. Paul City council's smoking ban, has caused serious declines in revenue for local businesses and subsequently lower tax revenues for the city.....

.....Guess who's picking up the slack.

St. Paul residents......happy to pony up more taxes for clean air? The city budget shortfall requires an increase in taxes as per this story.

And whether the city council will admit it or not.......local hospitality owners I've spoken with lately, tell me the smoking bans have meant significantly less revenue for them.....which translates to less tax revenues collected by the city of St. Paul.

What's a newly elected socialist mayor to do?

A) Get organizations like RWJF, the American Lung Association, American Non-Smoker's Rights of Minnesota and all the other Nicoderm funded activists which lied about secondhand smoke and put the city in this budget shortfall to pay the difference?

B) Repeal the anti-business smoking bans which only serve to benefit the pharmaceutical nicotine interests which funded the lies.....namely the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Johnson & Johnson Company.


C) Hire your taxpayer funded poet laureate to break the news about tax increases to the masses. It sounds so soothing and sophisticated......and truth be told the language of a typical poet is as unintelligible as the typical politician anyway.

If you said C then you've obviously lived under the tyranny of a socialist government long enough to know what to expect....

...and perhaps you're also a St. Paul resident who voted for this liberal hack (Coleman) simply because you wanted to "stick it" to former Mayor Randy Kelly who, though also a DFL member, did the unspeakable deed of showing support for George W. Bush's leadership in the war on which case you deserve the tax raping you're about to get..

....Uncle Chrissy's going to save from that nasty smelling secondhand smoke.......and he's going to tell you how much more you get to pay him and his poet laureate for saving you from that nasty smelling secondhand smoke.

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