Monday, July 31, 2006

I hope it wasn't something I said......

I did call the Surgeon General a "liar", and a "little Napoleon" and then I backed up that claim with test results from the American Cancer Society; which proved secondhand smoke is up to 25,000 times safer than OSHA regulations. But I had no idea he would take the news so hard..........he just tendered his resignation.

I almost feel bad, I know what it feels like to be unemployed......except that mine came at the hands of the pro-smoking ban activists, who felt the need to deceive lawmakers about the facts regarding secondhand smoke......and my job loss came with no unemployment benefits or severance package.

So while I'm packing all my belongings as the sheriff evicts us from our home, I'll briefly reflect on the former Surgeon General Carmona and quietly whisper a little prayer that starts something like this............................paybacks are a bitch.

Update: Check out what Carmona had to say about his leaving office:

So did you get pushed out because of the second-hand smoke issue?

There were a number of those editorials. To be honest with you, if I was, I would never know. If someone [in the administration] would have made a compelling case to stay, I would have thought about it. I had nobody tell me: you're out of here because you wrote that report. All I heard were complaints that some people in the administration were not happy.

And for the full story:

The man was pushed. As we suspected.

-thanks to Colin Grainger for the update.

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