Monday, July 10, 2006

How do you know when it's time to dump your Johnson and Johnson holdings?

This might be an indicator, of things to come.

JOHNSON & Johnson must pay US$772,500 to the family of a Texas woman who died after a patch designed to release pain-killing drugs leaked, a jury ruled in the first trial over the product, Bloomberg News reported.

"Usually, where there is smoke there is fire," Cranna said. Lawyers for Thompson's family said before the trial that only 100 suits had been filed so far over the Duragesic patch, which generated worldwide sales of about US$1.6 billion last year.

"Over 80 million Duragesic patches are sold each year in the US," Alex MacDonald, a Boston-based lawyer representing families of former patch users, said by phone. "The number of fatalities from those sales hasn't been determined."

The FDA hasn't said when it will conclude its probe and hasn't ordered J&J or Mylan to take the patches off the market.

Full story here.

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