Sunday, May 28, 2006

Why is Al Gore calling for the destruction of all life on our planet?

Environmentalists including Internet founder Al Gore, are always blaming evil human beings for increasing greenhouse gases.....specifically carbon dioxide (and demanding an end to those greenhouse gases).

Fact: CO2 accounts for only .04% of our atmospheric gases.

Fact: CO2 is needed by all plants, trees, rain forests etc., to survive.

Conclusion: Al Gore is trying to kill all living plants on earth when he demands elimination of CO2.......and by extension all human beings. (plants return oxygen back into our atmosphere as by-product)

AL Gore is continuing his alarmist agenda in an effort to keep attention and money flowing into an issue and movement that is
a non-issue. Or at least an issue that mankind is not the cause of, nor the solution to........unless we develop some super natural control system to regulate the sun.

Like smoking ban junk science, many environmentalists are going too far in their misguided agenda, which seems to be to scare the media and the sleeping public into pandemonium for continued research grants and financial donations.

Smoking bans......combustion engine bans......don't be fooled by the snake oil sales pitch. (Today show video link)

In the above Today show link AL pal tells us that upper level particulate matter, from evil mankinds' insatiable desire to pollute the earth, causes sunlight to be trapped here on earth causing global warming. Uh.....question Al, if the upper level atmospheric particulate matter is able to "trap" the sun's heat inside our planet, isn't it more likely that the upper level pollution is also "trapping" the sun's heat and rays from entering our atmosphere to begin with, causing global cooling? Al you may want to work on that fairy tale a little longer....just until it has even the faintest credibility of a maybe.

this NASA site documenting the effect that upper level pollution from volcanic eruptions have on our climate comes this statement:

What is the mechanism wherby volcanic eruptions can make the Earth cooler? The volcanic clouds that reach into the stratosphere are composed of particulates and gases, ...... Millions of tons of .......... particles (referred to as aerosols), which reflect energy coming from the Sun back to space. This solar energy is therefore not available to heat the Earth's surface and lower atmosphere.

So remember all you tree hugging, dirt munching Druids; Al's film isn't really a documentary as much as a sequel to "
The Day After Tommorrow" subtitled "When Braindead Politicians Try to Think."

Al did you think about doing any research before spewing your latest drivel?

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