Sunday, February 26, 2006

The defeat of Virginia's smoking ban legislation was predicted by Dr. Siegel only days before

Is he some all knowing prognosticator? A seer of seers? Or did he sense that his colleagues at (ASH) Action on Smoking and Health had gone too far. From Dr. Siegel's post you will find the following statement:

ASH has now publicly ......(stated)....... that the ultimate aim of the smokefree movement is to try to ban smoking everywhere, even in private homes.

By boasting that smokefree advocates are trying to reach "right into the home," ASH has, I believe, taken an action that is going to contribute towards destroying the credibility of even legitimate efforts to provide workers with a safe, smoke-free workplace.

The good Doctor goes on to say:

ASH needs to be checked, and quickly, before it succeeds in completely destroying the credibility of smokefree efforts......

I say one shouldn't interfere with sublime (oxford defn. 2. arrogantly unruffled; extreme) revelation.

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