Sunday, January 08, 2006

A very well written article against smoking bans.......

.....shows up in our own socialist Star Tribune.......who'd have thunk it?.

Burdened by the Smoking Ban

The Star Tribune editorial board afterall, came out in favor of job eliminating smoking bans long ago.

One point in Sue's letter is further backed by scientific environmental health department data:

We know that bars and restaurants equipped with ventilation equipment have air quality higher than OSHA standards. (152 times safer than OSHA standards to be exact)

Great letter Sue, it's nice to see the opinion page print an article that surely inflamed the editorial staff. And if you'll recall an earlier RWJF grant I uncovered, RWJF and the non-profits they fund, pay handsomely to ensure the pro-smoking ban side of the issue is the only side highlighted in the media.

Expect the American Lung Moffit man to throw a tantrum, and demand more RWJF funding.

And by the way Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, don't you feel like you're being used? These incompetent non-profits keep getting their smoking bans exempted or repealed to some extent, and I'm certain that every time they do they keep begging for more of your Nicoderm funding.

RWJF just keeps throwing more Nicoderm money down the drain on these non-profits, when what they ought to concern themselves with is an advertising campaign to get smokers to voluntarily quit smoking; and of course buying up this piece of information which proves secondhand smoke is not the catastrophic health hazard that activists try to sell to lawmakers. In fact there is NO HEALTH HAZARD as per OSHA workplace indoor air quality standards., which surprisingly a RWJF executive confided to me recently.

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