Thursday, January 19, 2006

A new hat in the MN. Governor's race.....

....Clearing the Air has never been a "breaking story" blog. We merely dig up the facts which contradict the Nicoderm marketing department agenda - more smoking bans.

We have however, uncovered a story about a new Minnesota candidate for Governor.

Sue Jeffers professes to stand for principles our current Republican Governor claimed he once held, however has long abandoned.

Both parties do have their differences, but overall they both continue to offer more taxes, "fees", laws, and programs as the solution to our problems. Republicans have proposed an 8% spending increase and Democrats have proposed 11%. Both parties are making government much larger, which means less control and choices you have in your life. We need a voice for smaller, effective government.

The last sentence sounds like a slogan I've heard somewhere before......perhaps here. Sue further added that she would gladly sign a Taxpayers League of MN Taxpayer Protection Pledge, thereby promising to "oppose (and vote against/veto) any and all efforts to increase taxes.".....and stick to it.

Jeffers supports a plan to implement the Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR). She doesn't support a taxpayer funded stadium of any kind. Nor does she support expansion of light rail at taxpayer expense. And she believes in upholding property rights......while many local governments are bent on outright elimination of those rights.

The Jeffers for Governor Slogan:

Work For People, Not Special Interests In a climate of partisanship and gridlock, as governor I will work with both parties to find common ground, instead of the special interests.

I will work with Democrats on issues we agree on including: • stopping corporate welfare projects• helping the working poor with lower taxes• protecting our environment from dangerous corporate polluters• protecting our civil liberties

I will work with Republicans on issues we agree on including:• protecting property rights• advocating choice in education• reforming excessive regulations

She's sure to do better than "Vlad the Impaler" for governor......I wonder if he has a plan to impale those who support smoking ban legislation?

More coverage on Jeffers' bid for Governor:

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