Monday, December 19, 2005

Why do we fight...?

I'm sure Bob from the American Lung, as well as the other non-profits like American Cancer, American Heart Association and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation wonder why we continue to fight their attempts to socialize all of America.

For some it is ideological, but I don't have that luxury, it's a bit more rudimentary for me. If my life and livelihood continued on the same as before the smoking ban I may still ideologically be against the ban, but I probably wouldn't be fighting their efforts all around the country as I do now.

No, the reason I fervently lobby lawmakers with these new government facts is simple economics for me. In the past 5 years I've sold on average $400,000.00 / yr. worth of Smokeeter filtration equipment to bars & restaurants.....this year thanks to the lies of MPAAT, the ALA, ACS, AHA & their benefactor RWJF I am behind by $350,000.00 in equipment sales. That same 88% loss, also directly translates to my 88% loss in salary.

You might think that the above organizations which lobby for smoking bans are doing so because they care about peoples' health and welfare........but the fact is that their lack of concern for people who are displaced by their lobbying efforts goes a long way to showing you the mindset and the true nature of these organizations. Your health and welfare is the last thing on their collective mind.......rather the next $99 million grant from Robert Wood Johnson is their driving force.

Feel free to make up the difference in sales for me RWJF, and prove me wrong.........I've always said I am a capitalist.

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