Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Yesterday in Hennepin County several references were made to secondhand smoke in homes.....

.....I thought I would provide some insight as to the stance the American Lung Association and other non-profits have, and the future legislation they may be positioning for.

Back on June 2, 2005 I was reviewing the comments section of one my earlier posts where someone sarcastically stated ......."I bet the American Lung Association will try to ban smoking in homes next....... To which Bob Moffitt the Communications Director of the American Lung Association of MN. responded verbatim, ....."Finally, no one here at ALAMN is talking about "outlawing smoking in homes." We don't recommend it, of course. You are correct in saying that it likely wouldn't be approved by a government agency, but it's not what anyone here is focusing on"

American Lung Association of Minnesota, at Thu Jun 02, 07:53:13 AM CDT

The keyword of course is "now". But I'd bet dollars to donuts that there is a proposal writer among the non-profit organizations requesting a grant by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to help them lobby for such a ban.

There will come a day when special interest groups will come to local government officials to demand a ban on barbecuing outdoors at your own home, the use of leaf blowers and lawn mowers in your own yard, sun bathing on your own patio..keeping a pet in your own house. etc. etc. As everyone of these and other personal freedoms erodes away, lawmakers will have to ask themselves... "did I contribute to those erosions of personal freedoms?"

And if you voted for a smoking ban, even despite the scientific evidence which proves secondhand smoke is far safer than OSHA regulations; then the answer will be a resounding......Yes.

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