Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The RWJF (Nicoderm financial interests) funding for smoking bans in homes....

.....has already begun, and you can rest assured that the very same American Lung Association, American Cancer Society, American Non-Smoker's Rights Foundation and other non-profits have their hands out to accept hundreds of millions of dollars from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in return for their lobbying our politicians for smoking bans in homes......not because they care or even that there is a shred of proof......but because money talks.......and lawmakers listen.

This Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant is appropriately titled Effect of Restrictions on Smoking at Home.

.....taking up smoking was reduced by bans on anyone smoking at home and also by restrictions on home smoking.
.........Bans in public places also reduced smoking uptake but had less effect than home bans....

At the bottom of this study you find financial credit is given to Nicoderm affiliated RWJF

Funding: Supported by grants from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to the National Bureau of Economic Research

The new face of pharmaceutical nicotine marketing promises the consumer will not have a choice so long as the Nicoderm manufacturer Johnson & Johnson thru its sister foundation RWJF has media control and the money to influence politicians at will.

Still here's an ominous warning from Canadian physicians about alternative nicotine products like Nicoderm:

"While decided preferable to tobacco smoking, pure nicotine ingestion cannot be considered to be innocuous." found halfway down page 2 of this document from:
Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada

By the way Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada is the same organization who recently helped MPAAT find the 60 year old waitress who worked 40 years in a restaurant and now claims she has lung cancer. This commercial reminds me of the woman a few years back who graced our television screen with shaved head claiming she was a cancer victim "...and by the time we saw this ad she would be dead," ....of course she turned out to be an actress and the anti-smoking activists were exposed to be the lying, deceitful, charlatans they are.

.....Clearing the Air will follow up on the current MPAAT ad in the interest of learning the truth.

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