Saturday, November 12, 2005

The (in)sultin' of Brun(e)i .......

Discovered this morning on Yahoo front page news is this blog by a fiery minx who takes sharp tongued aim at the New York Times food critic Bruni.....the hilarity ensues.

Consider this exchange:

Bruni critiques: "I wasn't conventionally delighted by the fiery chili ice cream with a Korean pear upside-down cake, but I was transfixed by it."

Fiery minx translates: Dude, everything looks fuckin' awesome when you're fuckin' trippin out, man. Sick. This one time I was smokin' a fatty doob and I thought Dave Matthews was sitting in the back seat of my Saab cause I could hear him talking, and then I was like, dude, it's a CD. So yeah...what was I talking about?

Maybe Bruni can give us a review on all that fresh clean air in the NY bars & restaurants .....the ones still in business post ban, that is. But beware fiery minx a.k.a. Julia Langbein the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, American Lung, American Cancer, American Non-Smokers Rights org., etc. peruse this blog regularly so please keep your smoking references to a minimum.....else a smoking ban on the internet will be their next target.

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