Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Perhaps the elusive American Lung spokeperson......

......Mr. Bob Moffit would like to comment on this post.

As I was perusing the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation website, I came upon this fantastic financial grant. Interesting items of note regarding this grant come right from the RWJF website:

"This chapter describes SmokeLess StatesĀ®: National Tobacco Policy Initiative, one of the largest investments made by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, with $99 million.......with the intention that they would educate the public and policy-makers......the Foundation encouraged its grantees to be activists........advocacy was emphasized to bring about policy change.........The program relied heavily on three major health voluntary organizations: the American Cancer Society; the American Heart Association and the American Lung Association....to help lobbying efforts which the Foundation could not support directly (in other words RWJF needed a "middleman" so it didn't appear as though they were directly involved in mandating their product use).......the role of coalitions in bringing about social change...."

Oh.....Bobby, this looks bad. I think you guys need some quick communicating skills, and now. Do you know anyone skilled in that profession? Perhaps you could ask Craig Westover for some advice.

PS. Should RWJF try to delete this grant from their website, I have it backed up.

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