Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Lunger and the non-profits must know they're in trouble......

....when one of the most liberal local media outlets shows the financial harm that the misguided and scientifically bankrupt smoking ban ordinances have caused.

From WCCO news comes this story:

Thirty-five bars have gone out of business in Minneapolis since the ban went into effect. On average, that amounts to about one every eleven days.

I may have to change my mind about WCCO. KSTP proved they're not willing to present the politically incorrect truths about the smoking ban, when they edited out important facts in an interview I provided them earlier this year.

I'm impressed CCO, keep up the good work. Of course you realize that this means Robert Wood Johnson (Nicoderm) isn't going to provide you with a multi-million dollar check like they do for the other media outlets who "play ball" with them.

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