Thursday, October 13, 2005

Fighting nationwide smoking ban efforts

Since nearly a year of posting almost relentlessly about the smoking bans, I have had people ask why I am so obsessed with the issue...First answer is that it eliminated my job of 15 years.

But over the course of time Clearing the Air information been sought after by those who are also fighting a proposed smoking ban, and I feel a responsibility to those colleagues who do battle in places like Chicago, D.C., Kansas, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Washington etc. against the anti-business agenda of politicians who have become mindless and numbed by the sweet serenade of the anti-smoking sirens....I am referring to the sky is falling, special interest funded activists, American Lung, American Cancer, American Heart Assoc., American Non-Smoker's Rights etc.

My fellow colleagues each have a unique expertise to add to the battleground, and mine is the definitive air quality test results which put to rest the health hazard argument once and for all. Health department air quality testing proves secondhand smoke is 150 times safer than OSHA requires.

Speaking of health hazards, I have one question that all should ask the politicians who propose or support smoking bans (preferably during smoking ban testimony).

Why do the American Lung and other organizations ignore the health hazards to millions of factory workers exposed to welding smoke where carcinogens exceed OSHA guidelines; yet regarding bars & restaurants where smoke concentrations are 150 times lower (safer than) OSHA requirements, they demand smoking bans?

Could it be the special interest funding they receive from the Nicoderm people?

Update 4/13/09:

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