Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Top 11 reasons RWJF keeps funding smoking bans....

1) Because they can.....$5.4 billion dollars alone in Johnson & Johnson (Nicoderm) stock provides them enough money to take care of business.......and have enough discretionary dollars for "fun stuff" like writing new laws to perpetuate their business interests.

2) It looks good on Robert Wood Johnson IV's resume'.

3) Well if NY is going to fund a football stadium for Mr. Johnson's NY frees up a lot of his money to pay for smoking bans.

4) What do you expect them to use that money for.......Hurricane Katrina & Rita victims?.......yeah right.

5) Everybody needs a hobby.

6) For every $1 given in grants to American Lung, American Cancer, Non-Smoker's Rights, the AMA, U of M, U of Pittsburgh etc., RWJF gets matching frequent flyer miles.

7) It feels so good, encouraging local communities to become healthy......especially when it sells more of your product.

8) Robert Wood Johnson IV needs to make a little more money so he can get his name legally shortened.

9) If enough smoking bans get passed Robert Wood Johnson IV hopes to have a state named after himself.

10) Do you know how much money goes into FDA approval?'s payback time.

11) Nobody seems to notice .................or care, how unethically we operate our business.........besides running local governments by proxy is fun.

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