Saturday, September 10, 2005

Top 11 reasons local personalities support the smoking ban....

11) There is so much more room on the floor when I do the YMCA dance at First Av -Pink Monkey Bird

10) My hair doesn't smell like smoke anymore -Hennepin County Commissioner Linda Koblick

9) We've got nearly $200 million from the tobacco settlement to spend we might as well do something with it, especially now that Mike Hatch is distracted with this Governor's race thing -Dave Willoughby MPAAT

8) There's no waiting now at all my favorite hangouts like The Saloon, Minneapolis Eagle, and Bryant lake Bowl -Mayor R.T. Rybak

7) My job description when hired 6 months ago said I was supposed to stand up for this "smoking ban thing" whatever that is -Bob Moffit Communications American Lung MN.

6) That St. Louis Park Environmental Health Department study only measured the air quality for secondhand smoke......who's gonna believe that biased crap -Hennepin County Commissioner Gail Dorfman

5) You will ban smoking or I'm gonna keep screaming until you do.....I only get paid when a smoking ban passes, and the one in Duluth keeps getting scaled back -Pat McKone American Lung Duluth

4) Somebody told me two million people per year die from secondhand what if it was the marketing director of Nicoderm CQ - Hennepin County Commissioner Randy Johnson

3) The average puppet, er politician is so easily manipulated....minds of putty they have. Geeves bid on another NFL team for me, I'm making so much money I need an additional tax shelter -Robert Wood Johnson IV

2) I hate businesses and always have, ever since my failed business attempts-St. Paul city council member Dave Thune

1) Thank god, I was getting tired of counting all that money every night before the smoking ban took my job is so much easier -John Rimarcik owner of The Monte Carlo, Cafe Havana, & Runyon's

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