Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Pinky and the brain.....

Pinky as I respectively refer to him, is known in our fantasy world as pinkmonkeybird.

Pinky tries to exercise his gray matter, in this post titled ".....decisions is hard.....mommy can you do it for me......?"

Where to begin.....

"Firstly, I am very pleased to note that the anti-ban people have very much abandoned the absurd line of argument they'd previously attempted in which they go after established medical findings..."

The "findings" have all been financed by the Nicoderm people.....no conflict of interest there...is there?

The only study not financed by special interest on either side, was the St. Louis Park study....guess what it found?....secondhand smoke concentrations are 150 times safer than what OSHA requires regarding its PEL for secondhand smoke.

"there are links between tobacco and lung disease"..

...for the smoker yes.....even then, did you know less than half of lifetime smokers die of smoking related illness.....it's right on the American Cancer website (under health effects of smoking). Secondhand smoke does not cause lung cancer and the SLP study explains why......concentrations are far too minute.

Pinky disagrees with Chad from Fraters argument that consumers in a free economy can choose to frequent non-smoking bars if they like...by stating....

"Sorry bub, you've gotta put up with the second-hand smoke if you like this place and wanna be here. Otherwise, get the heck out."

Show me how this is not a choice?...you either stay and enjoy the bar even given the secondhand smoke.....or you leave....

Seems to me Pinky you've already exhibited your lack of reasoning skills....therefore you belong in a socialist institution where all the decisions can be made for you....thank you for making the property rights advocate argument for us.....a mind is terrible thing to waste.

Your reasoning ability or lack thereof makes you the poster child of property rights advocates......."duh... making decisions is hard....Hennepin County....would you do that for me?"

Don't let this happen to you, make sure property rights issues are left to the individuals to make not government.....otherwise atrophy of the brain may set in and render future decision making skills useless.......as an indication look how Pinky's mom dressed him this morning.

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