Sunday, September 11, 2005

It's hard to find anything on the tube commemorating 9/11........

..........guess that's how you know you're an island of conservatism in an ocean of liberalism, regarding the media that is.

In my channel surfing though I came upon an ESPN tribute, sort of. Bryant Gumbel said in 50 years most Americans won't remember 9/11........(and then I pictured a balloon caption above his head displaying his unsaid thoughts, like a cartoon character, stating) at least if we in the mainstream media are doing our job, most Americans won't remember 9/11....heh...heh...

It seems there is a concerted effort to wipe from America's consciousness why we fight, to borrow a famous line. As if to say, if we all think happy thoughts, hold hands with those who hate us and sing kumbiyah we'll all fly off to Never Never Land. A land of benevolent government subsidies, rainbows and misty meadows, where seldom is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day. When I snap my fingers you'll open your eyes and come back to reality Dorothy........are you with us now?

There is the world we all wish we lived in, and then there is reality, and between the two shall never meet. To bury one's head in the sand and ignore the danger is not a recipe for success.....ask Bill Clinton though and he might respond with "....burying your intern's head, however....."

The liberal media is not interested in the truth behind why we fight.....and today's liberals of course are never interested in bringing that fight to our enemies (Bill Clinton '92 '93 '98 2000)....they are absorbed with putting together committees to figure out why we have enemies. If anything, this lack of 9/11 remembrance from the mainstream points out to me the reason for never again giving liberals and specifically Democrats any power or any election ever again......pass it on.

Exception given for Mayor Randy Kelly.......and Zell Miller.

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