Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Holy payola batman.......

.....a media source that RWJF hasn't bought off?

Smoke-free survey done by firm which has an agenda

...The Beltrami Tobacco Education Awareness Movement has provided yet another example of misleading the public....

Say it ain't so, Joe

...hired the Mellman Group, a polling firm, to conduct their recent polling survey because it “is a nationally recognized and respected research firm, chosen specifically because of their reputation for providing unbiased data.

Talk is cheap.......studies and polls cost money. But RWJF has proved that they're willing to pay for the best legislation possible.

Their objective is: To “develop superior strategies using sophisticated research to find messages that influence consumer and voter choice,” and further, “If you understand how people think, you can shape opinion and change behavior.”

Nope, no agenda there.........a fly on the wall, just observing and reporting the facts.......totally unbiased.

...they were the chief pollsters for presidential candidate Sen. Kerry. They were also major pollsters for Democrats who were running for the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives...

....nothing wrong with Democrats hiring the Mellman Group to use polls to influence voters by shaping opinion and changing the way voters vote in elections.......

Influence, shape opinion, changing votes...............sound like lobbyists, not pollsters if you ask me.

Then again, when you're spending $200,000,000.00 for smoking ban legislation you want the very need anything but fair and unbiased.

Johnson & Johnson.....RWJF......Nicoderm CQ, providing the best smoking ban legislation money can buy. American Lung, American Cancer, AMA, Non-Smoker's Rights....they're simply runnin' interference, and taking the funding.

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