Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hey St. Paul bars & restaurants where are you.......?

Everyone knows primary voting is typically light, but the votes cast for incumbent Randy Kelly last night I hope are not typical of the upcoming election.

Bars & restaurants can have a significant effect if they pull together, and educate their customers. Remember, St. Paul hospitality owners, were it not for Mayor Kelly you would be sharing the same dismal economic fate your Minneapolis counterparts are with their smoking ban. And as far as I can tell, a vote against Kelly is a vote for Thune and his anti-business agenda. You can be sure McLaughlin did as well as he did due in part to the newly formed Minneapolis Hospitality Group west of the river......don't wait til it's too late before you act as a group.

So start pulling together and get your customers on board. 200 establishments each with 200 -400 customers can have a significant effect. And while you're at it, remember a Smokeeter system can keep the air quality in your establishment clear and healthy, click on "shop for air cleaners" to the right, or contact

PS in the interest of full disclosure Clearing the Air has not recieved any compensation from the Kelly campaign.......but I will disclose that Thune and his ilk have stolen tens of thousands of dollars from me & my family in lost business.

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