Friday, September 23, 2005

Follow the money....

This story says secondhand smoke kills babies.

.....sounds scary.....are you scared? Make you want to ban smoking all the more? Make you want to vilify all smokers.....go after them with pitchforks?

Well, hold on just a's the behind the scenes you are not being informed about.

It seems this story stems from a study by the University of Pittsburgh conducted by Stephen Grant.

Grant, the Pittsburgh scientist, discovered that secondhand smoke can cause genetic mutations -those that can lead to leukemia and lymphoma - that are indistinguishable from those found when the mother is the smoker.

His research, published earlier this summer in the online journal BMC Pediatrics, is based on the examination of umbilical-cord blood samples from newborns. The research is a reanalysis of three studies that downplayed or ignored the effects of secondhand smoke (in previous studies).

Reanalysis is an interesting word, others might even say...... manipulate........Still others might cynically look at Johnson & Johnson (Nicoderm) funding via RWJF to the University of Pittsburgh and declare foul...................if not blatant conflict of interest.

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