Friday, September 16, 2005

The end is near....will American Lung and other RWJF $200,000,000.00 grant recipients just sit back and cheer?

Kathy at Porter's Bar has been a friend and a real trooper trying to fight against the property rights infringement by the Johnson & Johnson marketing department the entire time. Sue Jeffers from Stub & Herb's, dubbed the scourge of Minneapolis by the American Lung and other Nicoderm CQ money recipients, is trying to help, here's an email about a fundraiser to help Porter's stay in business:


As many of you know since the smoking ban went into effect business at Porter's Bar and Grill has been significantly reduced! As a matter of fact business has gone down approximately 45%. With that being makes it tough to keep the business going. I am organizing a fund raiser for Porters and Kathy and John to help them keep their heads above water and keep the "Porter's Family" together. Many of you receiving this message have been instrumental in the success of Porter's and we certainly want to continue the tradition. The fund raiser will be Friday, September 23rd. Depending on what we get donated, at this time the plan is to sell $10.00 per person tickets. For that $10 you get 1- Burger or Hot Dog/ Chips (other food if donated) , 2 - glasses of keg beer and the chance to win tickets to the Vikings vs. Detroit game on November 6th. (need not be present to win tickets).
Fundraiser taking place at:

Porter's Bar
2647 Nicollet Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Tel: (612) 872-0808
Fax: (612) 872-2272

I'm sure somewhere the Lunger is smiling quietly to himself and thinking how cleverly they pulled the wool over lawmakers' eyes.....when they testified over and over again....."honest businesses won't fail......there will be customers breaking down the doors to get at all that clean air."
.........You must be very proud.

Update: A public awareness rally against the smoking ban is being held Thursday 3:00 pm Sept. 22, 2005 at:

Hennepin County Government Center
300 South Sixth Street
Minneapolis, MN 55487
On the plaza between the Henn Co. Govt. Ctr. and Mpls city hall

Please attend

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