Friday, August 19, 2005

Where's my grant?

Hey Robert Wood Johnson, I noticed in your 2003-2004 total grant & recipients list that you provide all sorts of money to decrease tobacco sales, while furthering nicotine patch sales. But I think you overlooked a grant, specifically the marcus aurelius grant designed to lobby Clearing the Air from further informing our politicians and general public of your undue and unfair influence on local government.

As mentioned in an earlier post we at Clearing the Air are faithful followers of the great capitalist movement, in fact marcus himself used to sell Smokeeter aircleaners to bars & restaurants before the great raid on private property rights due primarily to your multi-million dollar grants, meant to wield undue influence on local politicians.

So consider this my grant application to help lobby those insidious editors at Clearing the Air in an effort to eliminate any further obstacles to the Robert Wood Johnson and the Johnson & Johnson (Nicoderm CQ) world domination tour......

Recruiting new funding partners to sustain the state and national tobacco policy change infrastructure and maintain policy gains and momentum through targeted grantmaking.... matter how many false claims we have to many study results we have to matter how many political campaigns we have to promise to fund.....and no matter how many non-profits we have to influence.......for a favorable outcome............increased Nicoderm CQ sales (manufactured by ALZA)........ALZA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.

I anxiously await your answer to my grant request to provide politically correct media influence, in the blogoshpere anyway.

PS. here's a recent grant which should anger the Taxpayers League and small business wholesale / retail tobacco companies, among others:

Educational campaign to increase tobacco taxes........

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