Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What's this? ....

From Los Angeles channel 6:

.....some tourists and nearby businesses say White has gone too far with his latest pitch for the Century Lounge: a freshly posted sign proclaiming "Vaginas R' Us."

Toys R Us spokeswoman Susan McLaughlin .........knows about White's sign and will be "looking into it immediately."

That sure conjures up imagery.

Even though smoking has been banned in California for years...there are still strip clubs there? Don't they realize the public health hazard of having strip clubs?

A nipple in the eye could certainly cause some damage. (go with me on this one)

And female nudity at an all you can eat buffet is certainly a recipe for disaster.

It's absurd to think that a highly evolved and enlightened state which saw fit to ban smoking (CA) still allows such savagely, third world entertainment.

Oh wait........banning naked women is not on the agenda of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation......yet.

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