Friday, August 12, 2005

We all live in a yellow submarine........

.....yellow submarine......yellow submarine.

I am referring to the newest and final Seawolf class of attack submarines, which the entire world of course is quaking in its boots at the thought of........ The USS Jimmy Carter.

Iranian officials were quoted as laughing their asses off.

The fierce USS Jimmy Carter is well euipped with one of the largest white flags ever provided aboard a U.S. Naval vessel.

Instead of torpedos equipped with an explosive warhead, the USS Jimmy Carter's torpedos deploy U.N. leflets requesting that the enemy behave in a humanitarian manner.

Initial reports claim that Michael Moore will be given honorary Captain's rank in this new kumbiyah department of the navy.

When asked what the USS Jimmy Carter's first mission would be, Captain Moore & former appeasement President Jimmy Carter proclaimed "we are headed to Somalia to build Habitat for Humanity thatched huts for recently released Islamic terrorist, I mean Islamic minutemen. We will then head-off to Afghanistan to ensure that tribal gang raping of women is carried out fairly in accordance with Islamic sharia law."

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