Friday, August 19, 2005

RWJF actual local smoking ban grants.......

.... I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried....

1) Project: Partners with Tobacco-Use Research Centers: Advancing Transdisciplinary Science and Policy Studies -- Communications

Grant Detail: $401,182, (awarded on Jun 25, 2001, starting Jul 1, 2001 ending Jun 30, 2005) ID# 042782

Grantee: University of Minnesota240 Williamson Hall231 Pillsbury Drive, S.E. Minneapolis, MN 55455-0115 taking advantage of communication opportunities outside of the tobacco control community, to broader scientific, lay, professional, and policy making constituencies. Once the infrastructure and communications liaisons are in place, this project will focus on the delivery of information, activities to impact tobacco control, and also target national audiences....

2) Project: Does telephone counseling enhance the effects of pharmacotherapy for smoking cessation in a real-world setting?

Grant Detail: $461,402, (awarded on Nov 12, 2001, starting Dec 1, 2001 ending Jun 30, 2005) ID# 044163

Grantee: Health Partners Research Foundation8100 34th Avenue, SouthP.O. Box 1524 Minneapolis, MN 55440-1524(952) 967-5001

3) Project: Increasing the involvement of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities in clean air campaigns in Cleveland, Ohio, and Saint Paul, Minnesota

Grant Detail: $50,000, (awarded on Nov 30, 2004, starting Dec 1, 2004 ending Nov 30, 2005) ID# 052399

Grantee: Whitman-Walker Clinic Inc.1407 S Street, N.W.Washington, DC 20009-3819(202) 797-3516

This one explains a lot...right Mr. Rybak.....Bryant Lake Bowl.....& maybe Glockenspiel?

4) Project: Tracking the media and political impact of state-level tobacco control: Smokeless States evaluation

Grant Detail: $2,320,914, (awarded on Oct 29, 2001, starting Nov 1, 2001 ending Apr 30, 2006) ID# 041037

Grantee: University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health2121 West Taylor Street (M/C 922)Chicago, IL 60612-7260

The purpose of this project is to integrate and analyze data from existing surveillance efforts and add three new data collection efforts--legislative tracking, *an expanded system to track newspaper coverage of tobacco control issues, and a state Strength of Tobacco Control survey. These efforts are designed to help inform and assess the work of the Foundation's newly expanded SmokeLess States (SLS) program by focusing on the program's important interim goals (by tracking proposed legislation and media coverage of tobacco control) and developing a new measure of the strengths and weaknesses of SLS coalitions for the purposes of guiding SLS technical assistance efforts and identifying the core elements required for program success....

*ie. Influence the media to see our (anti-smoking activists) side of the issue, ONLY. ....Brad Sattin from channel 5 KSTP will know what I am talking about.

5) Project: Medicinal nicotine for harm reduction: Evaluation effects and assessing policy*

Grant Detail: $373,968, (awarded on May 22, 2002, starting Jul 1, 2002 ending Jun 30, 2006) ID# 045567

Grantee: The Pennsylvania State University College of Health and Human Development100 Technology Center BuildingUniversity Park, PA 16802-7000

* The reason we here at RWJF provide funding for smoking sells our proprietary nicotine patches at J & J (Nicoderm CQ) regular readers will remember RWJF owns $5.4 billion of J & J stock.

RWJF financial holdings include but not limited to 80,499,208 and 86,853,208 shares of Johnson & Johnson Common Stock in 2003 and 2002, respectively. This information is found on page 8 of 2004 financials for Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. At today's Johnson & Johnson price per share 67.36, that's just a shade over $5.4 billion dollars, pretty good justification for exaggerating about the health risks regarding secondhand smoke to local lawmakers.

6) Project: Advocacy and information dissemination for the enactment of policies and procedures to reduce commercial tobacco use at cultural events

Grant Detail: $47,960, (awarded on Dec 1, 2004, starting Dec 1, 2004 ending Nov 30, 2005) ID# 052390

Grantee: Mille Lacs Band of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe43500 Migizi DriveOnamia, MN 56359-2241 (320) 384-0149

I can't even believe this one....huge cojones.....trying to influence the casinos to ban smoking.

7) Project: Technical assistance, training, and informational resources to assist communities of color to build capacity for tobacco policy change

Grant Detail: $2,268,864, (awarded on Apr 18, 2002, starting May 1, 2002 ending Jul 31, 2005) ID# 041039

Grantee: The Praxis Project Inc.2nd Floor1750 Columbia Road, N.W.Washington, DC 20009-2814(202) 234-5921

8) Project: Organizing communities of color and others to advocate for clean indoor air policies

Grant Detail: $50,000, (awarded on Nov 30, 2004, starting Dec 1, 2004 ending Nov 30, 2005) ID# 052395

Grantee: Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin 2nd Floor2801 West Wisconsin Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53208-4008

7 & 8 would explain the reason my good friend Jesse Jackson from the Rainbow / Push Coalition refused to join me in my boycott of Johnson & Johnson.

As you can tell by clicking on some of the above links, RWJF has moved or deleted some of the financial grants above, perhaps in an effort to thwart further investigations.

Like KAR fisking the star & sickle, I could fisk these funding grants for smoking ban legislation for hours but I won't.......if you'd like to read more here they are.

PS Here's the way my grant will read:

9) Project: Helping spread the politically correct advertising message of the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical nicotine company.

"Nicoderm CQ isn't it about time you see things our way?"

Grant Detail: $2,000,000.00 (awarded on 8/19/05)

Grantee: marcus aurelius 100 easy street mpls, mn.

I can't seem to find a link for the last grant though.....I'm sure it's in the mail.

Perhaps Moffit, the American Lung, and American Cancer Society can tell me how I can get those grant funds wired direct to my bank.

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