Friday, August 19, 2005

The rest of the story...

In gearing up to attempt to spread more smoking bans, the media of course in tow like an obedient puppy dog, comes today's Yahoo headline:

Secondhand smoke costs nearly $10 bln in U.S.-study

The non-profits are feverishly spreading their propaganda and "studies" as quickly as they can "buy" them with a little help from their friends the Nicoderm nicotine people.

It could be they're getting desperate in the face of recent defeats. A colleague from Missouri emailed:

You may be interested to know that the smoking ban attempt in St. Louis County was defeated last night on a 4-3 vote after months of debate. ........Thanks for your help on this Mark.

Always glad to be the roadblock to Robert Wood Johnson and the Johnson & Johnson (Nicoderm CQ) world domination tour......

On RWJF website you'll find this subtle, yet clear ideology:

Recruiting new funding partners to sustain the state and national tobacco policy change infrastructure and maintain policy gains and momentum through targeted grantmaking.... matter how many false claims we have to many study results we have to matter how many political campaigns we have to promise to fund.....for a favorable outcome.....increased Nicoderm sales.

PS. it pleased me to no end emailing all the New York Legislators about the antics of Robert Wood Johnson's underhanded tactics, a few months back, to help ensure the defeat the Robert Wood Johnson taxpayer funded football stadium.

The Yahoo story brought to us thru the courtesy of The Society of Actuaries, what a contrived name, goes on to report its sources:

The group measured the costs by examining more than 200 studies that have been published since 1964...

Why would anyone doubt a "study" about "studies" which almost always is estimated.....we believe.......we feel...........studies suggest? Classic opening lines to inconclusive & incoherent "studies" paid for by Robert Wood Johnson and his merry manufacturing nicotine elves at ALZA.

....Now you know the rest of the story........sorry Paul Harvey came on just as I was finishing.

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