Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Editorial content now available at 10 pm KSTP channel 5...

In case you are delusional enough to believe local TV news is unbiased and fair in its reporting. You need to get a transcript of Tuesday's 8/9/05 10 pm report, as facelift Brucato provided editorial content fit enough for the Star & Sickle.

In reporting that the widow of Christopher Reeves has lung cancer, Brucato reports with all the theorizing, could be, speculative, outright lying confidence of an MPAAT and American Lung spokesperson, that Mrs. Reeves cancer leaves no doubt that secondhand smoke from her years of lounge singing is the cause.

Then at the end she points out that lung cancer in women who don't smoke is different than the lung cancer smokers get. There's a reason for that facelift........lung cancer is not simply caused by smoking.

Ask if the death of a victim of asbestos exposure was caused by secondhand smoke and today's media will tell you unequivocally absolutely yes. Of course MPAAT and American Lung and the other non-profits would say the same, but then they've accepted hundreds of millions of dollars from the tobacco settlement & RWJF and Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical so their opinion is tainted to say the least.

Next came the continuing story on Nightline, and despite ABC News' attempt to pin non-smoking women's' lung cancer on secondhand smoke; a doctor from Ann Arbor said that medical experts do not know what causes it...."most likely hormones -estrogen and how it reacts to environmental exposure of common airborne substances"................hmm slightly a different diagnosis than facelift provided us with.

So tune in tomorrow night kids, let's find out what new editorial bedtime story Cindy has in store for us.

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