Monday, July 25, 2005

Smoking to be banned in your car......your house is next....

I first saw this story on Fox news with Shepard Smith, he was very obviously ticked off at this new level of intrusion. I sent the following email to him, which I hope begins a new level of investigative reporting against RWJF. RWJF and the non-profit charities which accept their money are going to be feeling heightened levels of scrutiny by the media as well as the general public.

I'll tell you what (specifically who) is behind the NJ bill to ban smoking behind the wheel - Robert Wood Johnson Foundation RWJF.

This story is worthy of a full investigative report. RWJF, based in NJ, has been silently funding smoking bans all around the country by quietly funneling $200,000,000.00+ thru charitable organizations like American Lung Assoc., American Cancer Society, American Medical Assoc. etc. who then lobby our lawmakers under the guise of health. But the real purpose is even more sinister -to increase Nicotrol, Nicoderm, Nicoderm CQ nicotine patch sales. You see RWJF owns 5.4 Billion dollars worth of Johnson & Johnson stock, Johnson & Johnson owns
ALZA corp. in California where nearly all nicotine patches are manufactured. When smoking is banned sales of nicotine patches increase. When nicotine patch sales increase RWJF prospers, and more importantly Robert Wood Johnson IV prospers.

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The idea of Big Brother's intrusion is bad enough, but when you look below the surface and find out that a pharmaceutical company is really behind these new laws, it makes it even more sickening.

Given the recent ruling on eminent domain how much longer before they take a house away from a smoker and give it to a non-smoker for the "greater good" to the community?

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