Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Filtration not Legislation

The justification behind secondhand smoke legislation is the safeguard of employee health first, and the health of patrons second. Ultimately the customer spends less time in the establishment than the employees, so their risk is less significant.

I would like to present a solution with a proven result. This solution ensures that the secondhand smoke concentrations are far below health hazard levels as permitted and regulated by the leading government authority on safeguarding employee health – OSHA.
Filtration not Legislation maintains strict health standards. And it allows businesses to be part of the solution, instead of victims of legislation.

The city of Saint Louis Park, MN tested the air quality in all 19 bar/restaurants in 2003-2004 through its Environmental Health Department. Three of those establishments have Smokeeter electro-static precipitator filtration equipment. The TGI Friday’s, Applebee’s and Santorini’s. In the case of Applebee’s the test result concentration showed 3.3 micrograms/cu m (0.0000033 g/ c. M) which is 150 times lower (safer than) OSHA permissible exposure limits for nicotine secondhand smoke. While in the case of Santorini’s the health department result came in 174 times safer than OSHA regulations.

The significance of the city of Saint Louis Park, MN. test result is that it does not come from pharmaceutical nicotine interests, nor tobacco industry interests, not even from air filtration industry interests. Rather, it comes from a government health department whose real motive was to prove how hazardous secondhand smoke was, when what it really proves is quite the contrary.

Thus, Smokeeter filtration does work, and a municipal environmental health department has proved it. Also, since these tests have been proven to universally accepted employee health standards, we know the customers are protected even further due to the shorter exposure time spent in the establishment.

How electro-static precipitator filtration works:

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