Sunday, July 10, 2005

Do the ends justify the means?

Raising taxes is a bad idea if your a good conservative. Good economic growth is already providing an 8% revenue growth without raising taxes; but that's a concept foreign to liberal minds. Like doubting Thomas if they and everyone else, don't feel the pinch in their paycheck they don't believe revenue collections have increased.

That having been said I have a difficult time condemning the new proposal to balance the State budget and help get those non-essential employees back on the dole..... the dreaded cigarette tax "fee". Especially if that tax is earmarked for education as I hope it will be. Because then I believe it will be near impossible for Meslow / Latz, or whomever the new anti-property rights legislator will be, who tries to cut education spending next year in the form of a smoking ban.

It will cost smokers more....but at least they'll be allowed to smoke at the bar and consider all the good they're doing for our overpriced educational system.

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