Thursday, June 02, 2005

These comments deserve their own post....

I understand his angst, but contrary to what Angry Guy wrote, there is never too much and this issue is about so much more than a "freedom to smoke". It is about private property rights, the rule of law, freedom from tyranny of the majority, and all other freedoms we seem to lose more of incrementally.
-Keep on fighting the good fight.
lockjaw02 has been an interesting and informative experience since I started in February of this year. I have learned a lot from all of you -
- thanks for your feedback.
-American Lung Assoc. MN Robert Moffitt

Bob is so new at his job he might be naive enough to think he is looking out for people's health. However, the senior members in these non-profit organizations know they are pawns to their master the pharmaceutical nicotine companies; and this fight for them is big business and big's not one they plan to lose...not if they want more multi-million dollar contributions from RWJF."

.... Finally, no one here at ALAMN is talking about "outlawing smoking in homes."....."it's not what anyone here is focusing on NOW."
-American Lung Assoc. MN
Robert Moffitt

....Not now, not until Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the nicoderm companies contribute more money to them for that fight. ...Any wonder why I feel the need to battle these socialist pigs.

I use the word "socialist" loosely they are actually attempting to engineer society to a uniform standard of behavior, but not due to any high moral calling; rather due to high capital contributions (1996-2002 total $133,620,603.00) from one of the largest shareholders of a pharmaceutical nicotine manufacturer Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF).

RWJF holdings include but not limited to 80,499,208 and 86,853,208 shares of Johnson & Johnson Common Stock in 2003 and 2002, respectively. This information is found on page 8 of 2004 financials for Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. At today's Johnson & Johnson price per share 67.36, that's just a shade over $5.4 billion dollars, pretty good justification for exaggerating about the health risks regarding secondhand smoke to local lawmakers.

ALZA is the connection which proves Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical still makes a profit selling pharmaceutical nicotine products. J & J acquired Alza in 2001....ALZA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson..........ALZA developed products have provided therapy for millions of patients throughout the world. ........transdermal (D-TRANS).......have found applications in many widely used pharmaceutical products, including ..... NicoDerm CQ (nicotine).............

Now if only I could get legislator's to pass a law requiring everyone to buy my aircleaners we'd be on an equal footing, sounds ridiculous I know, but how is that any different?

...and so I continue to post these facts, until someone in mainstream media decides to expose this information to a much wider audience.

Craig Westover left a comment on another post:

.......The Clean Air Act -- with its provisions for waivers and exemptions, including bars and restaurants -- is not a bad piece of legislation. Removing the exemptions would make it so. Bars and restaurants deserve exemption. Smoking bans do have an adverse effect on specific establishments. People do enter only on a voluntary basis. A person can avoid the hazard by simply not entering. As there is no fundamental right to smoke, there is no fundamental right to a smoke-free environment on someone else's property. There is a fundamental right to private property.......

The master has spoken, I bow my head in a display of reverence.

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