Thursday, June 23, 2005

Secret memo...for your eyes only....shred after reading....

Eckernet has leveled some pretty serious charges regarding my campaign to lift the ban on smoking which he charges will only increase the problem of global warming, thereby dooming all of Minnesota to weather that would make the state more habitable.

I have to honestly say I hadn't thought about that angle. I know, based on the unbiased test results from the city of St. Louis Park health department that secondhand smoke is not harmful to breath, but global warming?.....hmmmm

Perhaps the Sierra club could donate several multi-million dollars to Mr. Lungs, and the other non-profits as well as the U of M to obtain the necessary test results which prove global warming is indeed caused by secondhand smoke.

I have been pretty uncomfortable with the heat wave we have experienced this week. Could it really have something to do with everybody smoking outside now?

Listen Mr. Eckernet, I'll offer a Guinness if you make that information thing you know I'll have to sell aircleaners to bars with outdoor patios to stop the global warming.

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