Monday, June 06, 2005

Hennepin Co smoking ban...a remembrance of the fatherland...

Updated: I emailed this poster to local media outlets, and received a reply-please remove me, I find this email offensive.

my retort :
"No problem ________,

By the way, I find people being put out in the unemployment line offensive.

PS this poster is from the first smoking ban in Nazi Germany."So much for reporting the news.....Hennepin County smoking ordinance flyer recreated with all of Hitler's original posters and graphics.

An acquaintance told me he would be recreating the Hennepin county smoking ban ordinance flyer which is required to be posted at all establishments, ..........except with a nostalgic flair.

I think he captured the spirit of the ban just about right.

(for those of you who think this poster is inflammatory, this artwork all comes from one of the first state sponsored smoking Nazi Germany on the orders of Hitler. (see link above))Hennepin County bars and restaurants may download all 4 pages including the actual Henn. Co. ordinance text for display at your establishment at this site.

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