Thursday, June 23, 2005

Come all ye conservative faithful....

Freshman MN. House Rep. Tom Emmer Republican is published in the in the Red Star no less. No small feat, especially when you're condemning the left's media darling Dean Johnson.

The day after the regular session ended, Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson said: "The time for difficult decisions will come. But that time is not here yet.""Dean Johnson said it loudly and he said it clearly. The time for difficult decisions had not yet come. I was outraged by such a ridiculous statement from the president of the Senate. The time for tough decisions was actually during the regular session.
The time for negotiation was between Jan. 4 and May 23 when we were all present, engaged in committee meetings, operating within the regular session, and under the open scrutiny of the press. Not one single media outlet bothered to report the truth behind Johnson's words.

I have gotten to briefly know Representative Emmer while testifying before the House on the issue of the smoking ban......keep your eyes trained on him he may be future leadership material.....oh ye conservatives of little faith.

Of course Rep. Wilkins gets my greatest admiration this year.

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