Thursday, May 19, 2005

Sorry, Attic members.....

....but I am told we have Freeborn county, MN., NYC, Philadelphia, St. Louis, MO., CO., NE., TX., OH. readers who are all going thru the attempted smoking ban legislation, as well as MN. lawmakers, so I will continue updating smoking ban actions.

The Board of Directors of the Minnesota Partnership for Action Against Tobacco (MPAAT) approved grants for new research and to assist the work of community organizations in support of local smoke-free initiatives. MPAAT will award up to $3.1 million in 2005 to researchers and community groups through these grants.

05/19: MPAAT Awards Eleven Grants for Research and Community Secondhand Smoke Initial Targeted communities: City of St. Cloud, Goodhue, Ramsey, Dakota, Washington Counties among others. Lets start warning them.

If MPAAT wants a sure fire way to defeat the statewide smoking ban efforts for years to come this is it, these tactics were under fire by A.G. Mike Hatch in 2002. And a number of prominent MN. legislators earlier this year mentioned this very reason for not supporting statewide smoking bans. MPAAT helps the private property rights people whenever they use state tax dollars to lobby for one side of the issue.

Thank you again MPAAT............(I didn't think they were on our side).

Oh, by the way don't forget the City of St. Louis Park, MN. Evironmental Health Dept. found that secondhand smoke is 150 times safer than OSHA permissible exposure limits. OSHA regulates air quality in the bar / restaurant workplace already if you didn't know that.

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