Monday, May 16, 2005

I wondered when that word originated.......

....I stepped in from the deck after enjoying a good stogie, to catch TFB watching the latest HBO episode of Deadwood. TFB informed me I had just walked in as the character Calamity Jane was about to take a bath, in who knows how many years. As Calamity slipped into the water she jumped back out exclaiming "...goddam...I burnt my snatch..." I didn't realize that was slang circa 1877 for female genitalia, I thought it was part of our modern day vernacular. But it makes sense... otherwise the girls in Winona, MN. would have been wearing t-shirts that said I heart my snatch.

Speaking of stogies, I saw where Arnold is having to fight the uber-nazis in California; for smoking his stogies outdoors in the Governor's tent. I loved Arnold's quote:

"This is my negotiation tent and no one is going to take that away," Schwarzenegger said in an interview with Fox News on Sunday. "Just remember one thing. They can pass all the bills they want. There's one person who has to sign it. That's me."

My god I can't believe what heathens those Californians are.....still allowing smoking outdoors...don't they know what that does to the environment? Exposing poor birds to deadly secondhand's just ghastly.

Seriously though, I emailed Governor Arnold to let him know I will be happy to testify before the California legislature just as I did, & will continue to do here in MN. Give 'em hell Arnold........I could change my mind about voting for an immigrant for President....backbone like that is becoming rare in today's politicians.

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